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Gentle & Powerful Therapy for Animals

This gentle yet powerful therapy involves a variety of energy techniques applied with the lightest touch, working in synergy to allow physical and emotional blocks to melt away.

Life inevitably includes physical and emotional trauma in different and sometimes complex patterns and this is just the case for the animals and beloved pets in your life. These experiences create energy blocks in the body, held in a web unique to each individual. Gentle Release as an intuitive therapy delivers a bespoke treatment at every session allowing the body to take the lead and let go of the patterns and stories it's been holding onto, sometimes for a lifetime. 

Acupuncture has traditionally been used to treat physical, mental and emotional problems for thousands of years. Using the same theoretical concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine we apply energy techniques to help the body gently release, and incorporate energy techniques in other areas when needed such as the  lymphatic and endocrine systems. The range of techniques bring a beautiful synergy to the treatments and powerful results.

How can we help?

Gentle Release Therapy for Animals can benefit a range of problems including:
Muscular issues, aches and pains
Aids recovery after illness or surgery
Skin Conditions and allergies
Digestive issues
Stress and Separation Anxiety
Emotional Health 
Loss of Caregiver or Change of situation,
 such as new baby or new home etc 
Supports long term health conditions and transition

Find a Practitioner

Emma Gowshall is the only Gentle Release for Animals Practitioner at the moment, more will be uploaded to this site as they progress through our training. To contact Emma to discuss or arrange an appointment for your animal her details are:

Tel: 01777 838801

Mobile: 07792 499771


Email: Gowshall@btopenworld.com

Gentle Release Therapy for Animals Taster Days

If you want to find out more about Gentle Release Therapy for Animals why not come along to one of our taster days. 

During the day you will learn techniques to treat yourself, so that you can experience and understand the therapy and learn a few simple techniques to try on your animals when you get home. Animals have so much to teach us and hold onto emotions and stresses just like us humans.


With a few simple techniques you can learn how to help the animals in your life and can deepen your connection with your pet.


Please note this is not a practitioner course, you can not use this therapy on members of the public or their animals, it includes a few gentle techniques for use on yourself, family members and pets should you wish.

Practitioner Training

The intensive 2 part practical course offer the opportunity for a unique, high quality and transformative learning experience where you will also have the opportunity to receive some nurturing therapy for yourself, so you will know exactly how your pet will be feeling when you work with them.  We have trained people from a variety of backgrounds and training is available to animal caregivers, behaviorists, therapists and those wishing to start a new journey working with animals.

This training is a new and innovative way of helping animals and their caregivers.

This course is still in development please subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed of future courses. 

The first part of the practitioner training involves attending the Gentle Release Therapy Practitioner Course for humans, as we feel its important you experience both giving and receiving the therapy before using it to work with animals. This part will be discounted if you are not working with humans and only wish to work with animals. For more information about Part One and our current course schedule please click here.

Emma's Testimonials

Thank you so much Emma for all your help and healing for my 13yr old Lab Bella. She is so much better and back to her lovely self. You're a talented and compassionate lady, much appreciated. Xx – Teresa - Leeds

Emma showed myself that I am more able to do so than I could imagine. Her course was not only interesting but fascinating and Emma has a brilliant talent to keep you interested and entertained as well. Her teaching accompanied by practical exercises made it fun and put me at ease, still I learned so very much. I absolutely recommend Emma. Schabo - London

Emma correctly identified she had a problem with her paw that we were unaware of which did turn out to be an issue for her (thankfully she is now better). I found her passion for all the animals and their welfare amazing and very special informing owners of any food issues, pains, and the overall happiness of their pets. Not often you get a glimpse of what is going on inside your pet so you can help them. Thanks Emma x  Janine - Lincoln

Emma’s love for animals is unconditional and clearly shows during her classes. I highly recommend Emma in all she does. Emma’s door so to speak is always open, this shows her dedication to animals and her continued loyalty to those she has taught. I found this out for myself recently when I needed some rapid confirmation about my daughters sick pony - Emma did not hesitate to assist me in every way possible, our pony I’m glad to report recovered well and is back to his usual self - THANK YOU Emma i am truly grateful xxx  Debbie - Lincoln


37 Main Street, Scothern, Lincoln, England, LN2 2UJ

07826 514803

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