How Gentle Release Therapy Came about...

I'm Helen Robinson and I developed and founded 'Gentle Release Therapy'. It wasn't something I had never know what the universe has in store for you next! 

My life changed in 2011 when I lost both my parents in close succession and decided to sell the family business where I had worked for many years as a Traffic Engineer, Trainer and eventually a Director. I had always been interested in complementary therapies and saw it as an opportunity to train and try something new. Over the years working as a therapist, the way I worked changed and my body began to 'react' during treatments (I see these reactions as a sign of energy shifting in clients). From the reactions I was feeling I was able to know where there were blocks and when things were cleared. By 2017 my clients were so pleased with the results asking if there were books about the therapy, and to be honest at that point it hadn't even got a name!   

It was then that I decided to train a few friends just to check that it wasn't just me these techniques worked for. Three friends, one a nurse, one a biology teacher and one a longstanding client were able to feel the reactions too and they practiced on friends and family also getting great results. 

At this point my mission was to create a training course so that other people could learn and benefit from the therapy. Around my client commitments and my daughter Imogen and with an awful lot of hard work the first Gentle Release Practitioner course was held in November 2018. 

Since then Gentle Release Therapy has grown beyond my wildest dreams, more powerful, yet still gentle, than I had ever imagined. The safe and nurturing place we create for the therapists that come on our courses and retreats is something really special and offers people the space to let go and release, the ultimate in self care for any therapist.  

You will learn techniques that you won't be able to stop yourself bringing into the treatments you already offer as you start to connect the dots and understand where the body is struggling and needs support and release in addition to being able to offer Gentle Release Therapy as a beautiful, relaxing and powerful stand alone treatment. 

My vision is to create a nurturing and supportive community for all the therapists that train with us, to share what we learn with each other. Bodies have so much to say, we should all take more time to stop and listen....

If you want to read more about the work I do this is my website at