Practitioner Course Testimonials

I knew that the course and learning from Helen would be special as she is such a knowledgeable practitioner and has achieved great results using Gentle Release Therapy with her own clients. The three days honestly exceeded my expectations. Helen facilitated the course in a professional yet down to earth way which was nurturing and supportive to our learning and emotional needs.

Ashlin Farm Barns is a stunning venue. We were warmly welcomed and everything was thought of; from the variety of teas and yummy chocolate, fresh fruit and homemade cake, not to mention the complimentary robes and the little touches that Helen provided to further indulge us! I felt so cared for and spoilt, like I’d arrived at a retreat. All this was before the course even began!

Ahead of the training we were sent pre-course notes to familiarise ourselves with the treatment and theory which included Traditional Chinese Medicine information. On the first day of training we were also presented with our very own (and personalised!) Gentle Release Therapy folders containing everything we would need for the course. (For me this was a first for a holistic therapy course and I’ve completed many!) I know I’ll draw on this resource, as well as the closed Facebook group for GRT practitioners for support whilst working with this new skill.

I chose to become a Gentle Release Therapy practitioner to further support my clients but I know it will also support and help me to grow too. I am a holistic therapist and already work intuitively and felt I needed a tool to work directly and effectively releasing emotion, blockages or stories held within the body. I was also intrigued by the Traditional Chinese Medicine element.

When it came to practice the technique itself I wasn’t sure what to expect, as the tools seemed so ‘simple’. All I can say is it works! I was amazed to witness this whilst working and receiving Gentle Release Therapy. I had already been doing some deep emotional work over the year, so I thought there may be some release but didn’t expect a lot. I was amazed at the emotional releases I experienced (with different practitioners) Each time Helen knew when she was needed and seemed to manage holding the group and know when she was needed individually.

During these practices over the days it enabled me to let go of some deep rooted stories that I know have held me back. Some of the releases were very clear and others felt like a release of tension physically held in my body. I feel honoured to be one of the first to study this gentle and effective therapy and in the short time I’ve practiced it the feedback has been positive. Armed with knowledge and encouragement from Helen it has been much more powerful than I anticipated. As a tutor, Helen gave so much of herself and held the space so well. It felt safe, welcoming and balanced, which I know contributed to the powerful releases that occurred for each of us. I can’t wait to start working with this and supporting my clients further.

I’ve attended many courses over the years, both residential and non residential and I can wholeheartedly say that Helen and this beautiful venue provided and exceeded anything I’ve ever experienced from a course. From the daily lunches, teas and delicious snacks (some organic), the material provided was a first and so refreshing. It all seemed so effortless but I know the level of care, attention to detail and love that must have been put in. If you’re a therapist wanting to expand your toolkit or are thinking of starting a career in complimentary therapy and want to learn from a supportive and knowledgeable tutor take the leap!

Thank you Helen Robinson for a GROUND BREAKING course! I am so excited to have this therapy to work with on my clients. There is so much potential for it. I have been so inspired to be able to use it to work with men, so that I can support couples in their healing. You were so generous with everything and so calm. You created such a good space for us all to be able to have some profound releases. I have released trauma that has been held in me for many years and I felt safe in your care to release it... Thank you Can't wait to start my case studies! Xx

What can I say?! When I booked onto the Gentle Release Therapy course, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Not having had a treatment before, it was a venture into the unknown. All I knew was that the
therapy involved energy healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine, two subjects close to my heart, so it was ‘right up my street’ so to speak. 

I chose to stay in one of the rooms at Ashlin Farm Barns and the accommodation was perfect in every way. No detail was overlooked. The kitchen was extremely well equipped; the bedroom had its own en-suite, and there more than enough space for those who like to practice their morning yoga indoors! The bed was very comfortable. The living area was open-plan and large enough that when everyone was in it, it still felt spacious; and last but not least, the hot tub was great place for relaxing in the evenings!

At breaks and mealtimes there was more than enough to eat and drink – all tastes catered for – plus requisite amounts of chocolate and wine for those of us in need!! Helen, you think of everything!! Throughout the 3-day course, Helen (and Katie) were gentle, supportive and caring with the students. They instinctively knew who needed assistance and would go across to help. Overall, there was an air of friendliness and relaxation, interspersed with lots of humour and an array of bodily sounds! Now, onto the course itself…. Helen took us through the notes for the first procedure, then we moved onto the adjoining barn to put it into action. The students were asked to choose a partner to work with, so Helen (student) and I paired together and quickly began practicing the routine on each other, intuitively moving our hands to areas of the body where they were most needed. In the afternoon we switched partners for the next procedure, so that over the three days everyone had paired up with each other.

Regardless of previous levels of skill or expertise, all of the students managed to release blocked energy from those they were working with. During the sessions, Helen R and Katie would link in with one of the paired couples, visiting each of the pairs in turn over the course of the day. I was prepared to see tears as old emotions surfaced, however, from a such a gentle procedure as this, I didn’t expect that bodies would tremble and shake and there would be wailing and sobbing as students finally released that which they needed to let go of, from an energetic perspective. It was humbling to witness the many ways in which the body heals itself.

From a personal perspective, on the first day as old, pent-up energy began releasing itself from my womb, it shook its way through my body in waves, starting in the lower abdomen; moving up around my midriff; into the chest area then out through my mouth. I had been sobbing from the start. On the final day I had the most intense coughing fit, accompanied by rasping sounds in my throat as stubborn energy reluctantly moved out of my lungs. My breathing had felt constricted for so long, however, after this session, my lung capacity increased twofold and I was able to breathe freely again. Even now, five days on, my lungs are still perfectly clear.

I would recommend this course to anyone, in a heartbeat!

I just wanted to again thank you for a truly amazing 3 days i had with everyone. I now know that this was not just another therapy I was learning but a voyage of discovery about myself. Your technique is the key which helps unlock our most innermost thoughts and feelings, giving us all permission to be ourselves. This only happens when love, compassion and trust of others encompasses your soul and allows it to happen. You have created a wonderful therapy Helen. Bless you always and not forgetting the lovely Katie too!

'This experience was so phenomenal I am not sure any words are going to do it justice. It was extraordinary, I feel lighter, calmer , happier and more content than I have done in years. The course was informative, fun, and so enjoyable. There were laughs, and tears and we all started as strangers and ended friends. I can't recommend this course enough, a wonderful box arrived with course notes and a few spectacular surprises. Helen has an ability to be utterly professional yet make everyone feel like they friends in a relaxing environment. Treat yourself, it will change your life. This course is AMAZING!!!!' 

'I have always said life is like a puzzle that we build as we go along. Gentle release has completed my puzzle, and framed it. I am ready to walk the earth gently, and spread this gentleness by giving gentle release therapy to others.'

Really excited to be able to use more advanced techniques with what I've already learned from the first Gentle Release Therapy course. All really easy to learn and use. This course has really changed the way I work. I now do a lot more energy work which I'm loving.  

This work is very gentle but very deep and powerful. It's added so much to what I already do and has made my work more versatile and accessible as I can do it anywhere and don't need to have anything with me except my hands!  Helen is a great Teacher and the courses have been so healing as well as learning so much!

I trained with Helen in Gentle Release Therapy release and all I can say is that it has given me the permission to finally put together the different approaches learned over more than 18 years in the world of healing, massage and yoga. 

Her knowledge is impressive, her love for teaching is felt, all in a relaxed environment and a lot of support. I have used GRT in all my treatments so far, sometimes by itself, at other times in combination with massage, fertility work. The feedback of people always amuse me as they are fascinated by the fact that such a gentle touch can have tremendous results. 

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking at working more subtly and deeply at the same time.

'Gentle release is exactly as it sounds. A calm, nurturing therapy that releases issues & tension in the body that you may not have known you were even feeling. Having never really done energy work before this course, I now feel confident and able to go out and fix everyone that comes my way! I was intimidated & a little concerned about learning online instead of on actual bodies but I actually think it worked in my favour as it gave more confirmation I was connected as I would pick up on things despite not being able to actually feel them on the actual body.'

'I genuinely can not recommend this course or Helen enough. Through this course I have been pulled apart and put back together in ways I didn't even realise I was broken. The release work is so gentle but so powerful it has left me speechless but it has allowed me to feel loved, supported and renewed. It has been a mind-blowing and soul restoring course.'

What an incredible 5 days that was! Thank you so much Helen for facilitating such a life changing experience. From the extensive and beautifully put together manuals, and pre-course training material, that arrived the week before the course it was crystal clear that Helen has truly put in a monumental amount of care, time and effort in to ensure that all her students have everything they could possibly need before the course even began. Every eventuality had been catered for, right down to gorgeous snacks and drinks! For me, the 5 day online course was totally perfect as I have realised over the years that I am quite a slow learner and I really do need time to integrate what has been covered each day. The fact that Helen now offers a course that is spread out over 2 extra days and finishes by 2.30pm was a totally game changer for me as it meant that I had plenty of time to quietly go over what we had covered each day and could then practice on my family in the evening without getting too overwhelmed.

Helen is a wonderful, caring and truly encouraging teacher and it was a real joy to be able to witness how everyone in our group just blossomed with each passing day. It must be challenging to hold space for a group as they learn and develop and I would have thought even more so when it is online. Helen managed it all with such grace, kindness, patience and a joyful dose of humour as well. I really am so excited by this beautiful therapy! The potential for it is just massive!

Thank you Helen x

'Training in Gentle Release Therapy with Helen Robinson is literally one of the best experiences of my whole life! I feel the benefits in both my personal and professional realms. Every treatment swap I received during the course was wonderful, and every treatment I have given to others both during and after the course has been really well received. Not blowing my own trumpet, it's the therapy that is the key! This really does shift and release things for people, and recipients are experiencing very deep levels of relaxation, as well as so many other benefits. I am particularly finding this beneficial in my charity work with 'Towards Tomorrow Together' supporting local families who have experienced baby-loss. I would highly, highly recommend this course, both for professional therapists, and to people just wanting to do this for themselves and their loved ones. Helen's teaching style is brilliant - friendly and relaxed but really deep and informative. The course materials and the online platform are extremely high quality and easy to navigate. This is the best-resourced course I've ever attended. I will definitely look forward to future courses with Helen to further deepen my Gentle Release Therapy knowledge and build on my existing skills. Thank you so much for such a life-enhancing & beautiful experience Helen!'

Gentle Release Therapy Testimonials

I started seeing Helen when I was suffering with pain in my wrists, neck and shoulder. Helen recommended Gentle Release Therapy, I started seeing Helen every few weeks to start with then every month after that. I started to see results and feel better soon after my first treatment. I also saw a massive difference with my eczema too. 6 months later my body, skin and well-being was totally different. I would definitely recommend trying this.

I suffer from Ménière’s disease which manifests itself in lack of balance, dizziness and visual disturbance along with chronic fatigue. I have had numerous treatments with Helen and always leave feeling so much better.....more invigorated and relieved of my symptoms. I always create Helen a challenge, but she always delivers relief!

I have been a regular attender for sessions of gentle release and acupuncture with Helen over the past years for anxiety/ worry/ tension/insomnia. She has always helped and I return home feeling much more relaxed and positive. As a result of this I attended attended the Self Care Day which Helen organised. The day was excellent and gave me lots of techniques to help myself improve my problems, I learnt which organs helped certain conditions  and I now use the techniques on a regular basis. 

The course was relaxed and non intimidating and the venue and healthy food provided were excellent. I can recommend unreservedly this course. Great day! And knowledge gained to last!

Having had treatment from Helen before I was excited in supporting her at her first Gentle Release self care retreat day. The venue at The Central Wellness studio was perfect, the room itself was set out with throws, cushions and a comfy chair for those not wishing to sit/lay on the floor it all made for a relaxing atmosphere.  

We learnt basic Gentle Release techniques, Helen supported with one to one guidance and shared her knowledge with us. The vegan lunch was amazing and beautifully prepared. At the end of the day we even got goodie bags with home made products. This day course is thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing, good value and helps give a perfect insight into this therapy. A perfect way to chill out, meet like minded people and have an understanding of this therapy.

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful friend Alison who kindly put my name forward and  won me my day on the Gentle Release Therapy Self Care Workshop.  My mum had received this treatment from Helen so I knew a  little about it already. Anyone who knows me well is aware of my love and passion for holistic treatments and self care. I was super excited. The course was held at the Central Wellness Centre, which is a space for yoga and holistic health in Lincoln. The studio is a calm and relaxing space which Helen had arranged beautifully with mats, chairs, cushions and blankets. I felt completely comfortable, at ease and relaxed from the moment I entered the room.  

We were advised on how to perform basic gentle release therapy techniques. Helen provided support and guidance to the whole group,  she also came to us individually with her amazing knowledge and gentle reassuring manner. I was amazed at the heat and the energy I felt whilst practicing the techniques, simply astounding. 

The vegan lunch was absolutely delicious and was obviously made with the freshest of produce.  Upon leaving we were presented with the most delightful of goody bags to take home this was an unexpected surprise, I felt utterly spoilt, as well as ridiculously relaxed!!  

I would highly recommend this day course for anyone wanting a workshop delivered with superb knowledge, empathy and compassion. If you want to totally relax for a whole day in comfortable surroundings, gain a new valuable skill and meet some great people then this one is definitely for you!! I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. Enjoy you lucky people!!