Gentle Release Therapy Scholarship  

Scholarship places for International Women's Day 2022

Now Closed


Thank you to everyone that applied. Successful applicants have now been contacted. 

We set up the scholarship places as we wanted to give an opportunity to someone that due to life or financial circumstances wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for the training themselves at this moment in time. We like to offer the opportunity to someone who wants to be a Gentle Release Practitioner in their own right and will use the income from it to support themselves going forward.

We trust that really only those who need this support and funding will apply and that if you are financially able to afford the course in time you would look to other support (see below). If you would have to sacrifice paying for an essential living cost in order to access this such as rent, food, bills and supporting yourself and your family then this is for you.

If you would like to do the course, but your circumstances aren’t quite that difficult, please feel free to ask to pay by instalments, or for options to suit you.



Dreams do come true...

The minute I saw the Gentle Release Practitioner Course I wanted to do it! At that time it felt like a pipeline dream, as I was in a women’s refuge for domestic violence, with my young son who has additional needs. At that time I was effectively homeless, with no viable  options to pursue my dreams. I have always wanted to have my own business, I am passionate about healing in all its various forms.

When I saw the scholarship place, I applied immediately. I did not really think too much of the practicalities. My pure excitement at winning, soon turned to devastation, I had nobody to look after my son. The universe thankfully intervened again and I did the online practitioner course in February.

Helen very kindly gave me the scholarship, which will allow me to create my own business, to give back to other survivors, and most importantly she believed in me before I had the courage to believe in myself. It’s truly amazing how much can change in a year, I now sit typing this in my own flat having accomplished an enormous amount in the last year. I can’t wait to do my case studies and submit everything, so I can proudly display my certificate and start making a difference. Thank you is simply not enough, but one day I will continue Helen’s generosity and pay it forward and help someone else change the course of their life.

Love Chantal