'The highest level of healing comes on the path to fulfilment of destiny.'


There are 12 Spirit Acupuncture Points and each of the points helps to free you from constructs of your life that are stopping you living in the path of your true destiny. We use Gentle Release Therapy to intuitively clear the points rather than acupuncture, This treatment is deep very powerful. Life can sometimes get a bit messy as the world sorts things out to get you back on path. However, it is said the aligning with your destiny will bring you joy, so your destiny will be a place of contentment and happiness. Whilst it is of a spiritual nature we have seen physical ailments resolved with this treatment too, and found it supportive for depression and anxiety. 

A treatment would normally be either one two hour session or a couple of shorter treatments. One or two sessions can bring about powerful and substantial change.



The Spirit Points Course has already been accredited by Thinktree and FHT. Prior to attending the Spirit Points Training you will need to have done the Introduction to Gentle Release Therapy Online Course or the Gentle Release Therapy Practitioner Training. You must be a healthcare professional or therapist if you wish to use the Spirit Point Treatment on clients. To receive your CPD Certificate you must attend the course and achieve at least 70% in an online exam. However if you aren't a healthcare professional or therapist you are more than welcome to join us for your own personal development, as long as you have completed the Introduction to Gentle Release Therapy Online Course, but will not receive a certificate and you can not offer it as a treatment.

  • A unique opportunity to not only learn the techniques for your own clients but also a major opportunity to move closer to the path to your own destiny.
  • This course covers the 12 Spirit Acupuncture Points and has been written to be understandable and relevant in our current world and not too theoretical.¬†
  • In ancient Chinese medicine they believed we arrive in our lives with a seed of destiny. This treatment helps to free you from constructs of your life that are stopping you living in the path of your true destiny.¬†Whilst it is of a spiritual nature, we have seen physical ailments be resolved too.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†



Wednesday 2nd October 2024 - Online - £95  BOOK HERE  - UK Time 9.30am - 4.30pm

If you can't make these dates but still want to do the course, in any time zone, let me know and I can check in with you when we have enough for another course. 

If there are a group of you who would like an 'In person' course in your area, courses work best with 8 - 10 people. Do get in touch and we will see what we can do.



The feedback after the treatments has been truly remarkable. Here are a few of the comments we have received so far....


'I felt my head and spine being stretched and elongated. At some point I knew I was in my physical body but I couldn't feel it. I felt massive expansion, and saw myself in a galaxy and I became the galaxy. At another point I felt my eyes move out of place, then to the sides of my head, and I suddenly saw myself as a frog, I could even feel my mouth widening. Every now and then my head would jerk or jolt and I would see myself as something else. From a frog I went to a dog, tree, lion, butterfly and lastly a downy woodpecker. Looking up the meanings and qualities of these creatures they all resonated with qualities that would support me on my path for example Frog - Transformation, Purity, Prosperity, Potential, Lion - Courage, Strength, Affection.'

'Giving the treatment was a beautiful experience, initially I thought 2 hrs was a long time, however it flew by. It was a very relaxing experience almost like receiving the treatment. Images, colours and emotions passed through me fleetingly as I felt them being released, it felt like unconditional love was at work, and I felt very privileged to be holding Julie in that space.

During my own treatment I experienced a lot, I felt very much at peace with everything that happened, I felt part of the whole and did not have to be responsible for anyone but myself. I felt free of bonds. I felt a greater sense of self and a deep knowing that all is as it should be and I am loved and supported and have a part to play in this beautiful web of existence. I chose to come here to be a lightworker and I’m doing just fine, in the right place at the right time and allowing myself to go with the flow. I felt like dancing and singing and celebrating, and by doing that it was helping to lift the vibration of the whole. I feel very blessed.' 

Many thanks to Helen and her lovely team for inviting me to take part in the Spirit point workshop. Wow, what can I say. It's been several weeks now and I'm still experiencing miraculous changes in my life and relationships with my family. My daughter who is autistic is much more settled and less anxious and there is more ease day to day. I've been able to use the spirit point treatment to help her too and she is relaxed and smiling more. I never would have believed that working on myself would change others so profoundly.

It's difficult to explain how it works as it's a deep but subtle change. The treatment itself is beautiful and relaxing and seems to clear any emotional or mental blockages. It's allowed me to see what I need to do much more clearly and taken away any of the negative energy. I just feel remarkably clear and calm.

I've had many treatments but I've never had any that have been so effective and worked in every area of my life and changed those around me too.

It's an amazing treatment, don't hesitate to try it.

'Before the Spirit Points course I was a complete novice, I’m not a therapist and I’ve no background or experience in Chinese medicine, acupuncture at all. I did the Introduction to Gentle Release Therapy course with Helen about 4 years ago and found it transformative. It gave me the space and the tools to begin looking after myself again after becoming a wife and mum. I also met some amazing people that led me to explore new interests via these connections. I really wanted to do the practitioner course but with a full time job and 3 children I just couldn’t make it work so settled for receiving treatments, but when I saw the spirit points day course I was really excited. 

Before the day of the course Helen sent through the course materials and the background really resonated as my son has additional needs. I did get a little intimidated by the descriptions of the philosophy behind the treatment and the anatomy. However….. I needn’t have been! Talking it through in person on the day it was really clear that there was nothing intimidating or complicated about it. It’s very intuitive and I found it easy to follow. I didn’t feel I found it any harder or different to any of the other students despite their prior experience.

Receiving the treatment was lovely. A different experience to standard gentle release, calmer and more introspective. The 2 hours flew by! I had colours and visuals and ultimately a calm clarity of my way forward.

Giving the treatment was really enjoyable too! The guide was easy to follow and I was able to find the right points unaided and felt comfortable knowing it was the intention that mattered most anyway. At points I had stronger visuals than when I was receiving the treatment and it was so gratifying afterwards to find how much my ‘client’ enjoyed it. We even shared some of the visuals. It was a great connection.

I’d definitely recommend this course and treatment to anyone with an interest and I’m more determined than ever to do the full practitioner course.' 

'Following the first treatment I had a week of deep soul searching, and now have a realistic sense of direction (for once!) and a bit of purpose. I hadn’t been happy with my job and had read many things about how to help me shift my attitude, and it just happened overnight. I now have more freedom I make the job work from me, rather than the reverse. I am living more intuitively and feel I am picking up more from people. I’ve also realised many links that have been going with my life. My abdomen has felt swollen for over a year and that is rapidly disappearing. I feel like I am finally discovering who I am and that I have fire in my belly again!

On the spirit points, the time between treatments suited me perfectly as after the first, a lot of personal memories and situations came up and I was kind of observing them with the benefit of hindsight. The second treatment was not what I expected, but kind of finishes and refines things at first, then the simplest way to explain it is it like having a personal reset button pressed- but without losing memory, or life experience. I think it will affect different people in different ways, but ways that suit them as an individual. I am getting more organised, have more of a sense of direction, and sense of purpose. It’s so like I was in my 20’s!' 

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