Advanced Practitioner Training

Deepen your knowledge and skills

Once you have spent time practicing the techniques learnt on the Practitioner Training Course you can come back and join us again, to delve a bit deeper into specific conditions and topics. This course can be taken online and in person.

The Advanced Practitioner Training course includes the following:

  • Acu-touch covers over 75  points and gives prescriptions for over 40 different conditions combined with Gentle Release Therapy techniques)

  • Working with specific conditions such as Migraines, Period problems & Menopause

  • Supporting Fertility from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective with Gentle Release Therapy

  • Fertility from physical, emotional and spiritual perspectives with Gentle Release Therapy

  • Preparing for birth with Gentle Release Therapy
  • Intuitive release for joints, injuries and trauma

  • The power and creativity of the pelvic bowl connecting with Gentle Release Therapy 

Case studies aren't a requirement but would be useful for your learning and development. Read more about Gentle Release Therapy and Fertility here.

Next Dates TBC

£545 for the 3 Day Training plus £195 for 4 nights Dinner, Bed and Breakfast