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Uncategorized Jun 16, 2020
9 weeks ago I managed to really badly sprain my ankle, and I was so upset because I had just started properly getting back into my running. After a tentative toddle across the field with Lily yesterday, this morning I bashed out 1.5 miles on the treadmill, I could have done 2 but didn't want to risk doing too much too soon. I can't tell you how pleased and relieved I am to be running again. I've posted this picture because Lily kept putting her bone on the treadmill and watching it roll off 😂
During this period of enforced stillness so much has changed and things seem much clearer now, it's meant I could knuckle down and not only get some work done for Gentle Release but also some deep and much needed work for myself.
On this journey I've had some amazing Virtual Gentle Release sessions from Liz and Jayne, after each one I can immediately feel a difference in my ankle and how easy it is to move. I've also done lots of Gentle Release on myself and had some really interesting revelations about negative core beliefs I had been carrying and it feels so much lighter having let those go.
I've also received some plant support from Horsetail recommended by Charlotte with made a massive difference to the swelling, as well as helping me explore my 'edges' more about edges in a later blog.  On Friday I had a lovely relaxing distance session with Wendy at 1st Feet Reflexology.
So how does this relate to my perfect day...
Well, I didn't think I would be able to run for another couple of weeks but I was doing a perfect day exercise as part of a business boot camp on Sunday and I realised that the only element I was missing from my perfect day was running. (The perfect day exercise is where you sit and write down all the elements of your perfect day, I've done this before a few years ago so I haven't been living too far away from that.) So I though what can I do to get myself running again sooner... ask for help. 
So I messaged Liz Sunday evening and asked if she could fit me in for a virtual treatment this week, she said yes but didn't say a day or time. The next morning I woke up and my ankle felt like it had more range of movement and I decided to pop on my sports wear and try a bit of jogging on my Lily walk. I ran and walked to make sure I didn't over do it, and messaged Liz when I got back, it turns out she had worked on me Sunday evening, what a little star!  Then this morning I ran 1.5 miles with ease and I'm so relieved not to have lost all my fitness!
When I first did the perfect day exercise I found it so useful because some of the things I was finding hard and difficult to fit in my day at the time like walking the dog with a toddler, were actually part of my perfect day. So once I had realised and acknowledged that dog walking was part of my perfect day, I have enjoyed it so much more and never again thought of it as a chore.
In fact now I'm back on two feet properly again I will be trying to wrestle the dog walking duties back from my husband, but he's now enjoying it too much to want to let it go!
So I would like to ask you...what is your perfect day? What can you do to help make that happen? Do you need to ask for help? (I'm rubbish at asking for help but its something I've been really working on lately.)
Wishing you a perfect day, this and everyday x x 

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