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Uncategorized Jan 18, 2021

I've often used Gentle Release Therapy virtually since it's conception, but I didn't make it part of the original practitioner course. It seemed too much of a stretch and I didn’t want people to think it doesn’t work as well because it can be done ‘online’. During this period with Covid many of us have had to expand ourselves, our beliefs and push outside our comfort zones and this is also very true for me.

We have had a number of enquiries about online training, to which I had said we wouldn't be offering it. However during this time I've done many more virtual treatments with clients and some of the other practitioners have been testing it out too with fantastic results. This has made me realise we need to share this with the world, especially since we have no idea how long we are going to be restricted with clients we can treat in person.

I first considered offering a course to do Virtual Gentle Release Treatments, but having two different courses/qualifications would get quite complicated and messy, especially when there isn't much difference in the methods used. After a lot more thought I decided it would work best to add in the Virtual Treatments to the existing Gentle Release Practitioner course, and that it would be possible to put the Practitioner Course online as a 3 ¼ day Virtual Retreat and Training Course. Instead of the treatment swaps taking place in person they would be done virtually, but everything else will remain the same, and it will all be live on zoom with no pre-recorded segments.

I have taken this opportunity to add in a few hours on the night preceding the course, which gives extra time to cover virtual treatments and takes the pressure of the current 3 day schedule somewhat. 

The course notes, course prospectus, programme, scheme of work and lesson plans have all been updated and we are awaiting approval from our accreditation bodies. FHT have come back first and approved my proposed changes! Woohoo! 

If you decide to book, we will send you a course pack prior to the course including notes and handouts. You need to have somewhere quiet and private where you can attend the course via zoom (so you will also need good internet access), the course programme will be exactly the same as it is in person which is generally, demonstration of the technique, treatment swap to practice, feedback experiences to the group and repeat, etc.

Giving you the unique opportunity to retreat, release and learn in the comfort of your own home. You will receive some TLC and connection which we are all in desperate need of right now, along with a new therapy to add to your practice, which will give you the opportunity to offer Gentle Release Therapy Treatments in person and virtually. Our courses will still be small and personal with no more than 10 students per course.

The price is £425 for existing therapists or healthcare providers, we are just waiting for confirmation as to whether this can be offered to new therapists. There is a £200 deposit and you have the option to pay flexibly, have a look on the booking form for more details.  

The Practitioner Training course includes the following:‚Äč

  • Working with clients and energy

  • Working Virtually

  • Basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory

  • Energy work on the chest and abdomen

  • Cranial release

  • Endocrine release

  • Lymphatic release

  • Emotional trauma clearing

  • Paperwork (Consultation, Health & Safety, Contraindications etc)

The course has been designed so that you lead your own learning with the theory work, some of which will need to be done prior to the 3 1/4 day intensive practical course where you will learn all the techniques and experience them for yourself. To become a fully qualified practitioner you will need to pass practical and written exams, submit case studies and complete a small project. More details can be found in the course prospectus. The exams aren't something to be scared of, it will be a supportive environment, but for accreditation we need to assess your ability as a therapist.

Read testimonials from past courses here.

To give us an idea of demand please complete this form to express your interest and then we can contact you and publish dates as they become clearer. 

Limited spaces available, please contact or email [email protected] to confirm there is space available before booking. The Booking Form is here.


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