What's holding you back?

Are you fulfilled and happy with your life right now?

What would you like to change?
Fear, frustration, anger, grief, overthinking, worry and past experiences can all affect your ability to move forward and restrict the flow in your life.
As a therapist I often find these emotions and experiences held in the body, releasing them allows the Qi (Energy) to flow. The Liver in Traditional Chinese Medicine is connected to Anger and Frustration and also helps Qi flow around the body. The Kidneys are connected to fear, working with these areas along with others the body works with more ease from a physical and emotional perspective. As I look back over the years I've watched many of my clients move onward and upwards with their careers, relationships and family life. This wasn't an intention of the treatment at the time, we would usually be working on a physical issue, it simply seems to be a side effect of letting go and allowing energy to flow.

After my own fertility journey, I've always been passionate about helping other couples on their path to parenthood. Over the last year I've developed a technique where the client and I work through the whole journey from conception, birth and beyond to see where the energy is blocked and held. For one of my clients it was the fear that her father, who has a long term illness wouldn't be around to meet the new baby, for many the fear of another miscarriage, or the trauma held in the body from the birth of their first child, the list goes on. Sometimes my clients observe tightness and discomfort and sometimes I can feel it. These have been my favourite sessions this year, the feelings we have brought to the surface and gently released have been so powerful and enlightening.

I hadn't realised how widely applicable these techniques could be until I saw a post in one of the groups I'm in about a lady that has done a CPD course in fertility asking how to get fertility clients. She got the obvious answers and the answers I would have given a few years ago like contact your local IVF clinic etc, but my immediate reaction was what is blocking these clients finding you, what's holding you back, are you truly confident in doing the work, have you had a bad experience that's blocking your energy on this?
This is so gentle yet powerful and can be applied to all areas if your life, I'm using the self care techniques daily and finding it extremely useful, it could even be considered Feng Shui for the body, mind and path of your life.
If you want to learn how to find and release your own emotional blocks you could take a look at our Online Self Care Course or find a practitioner for a treatment. If you would like to know more and fancy being a Practitioner have a look here or contact me if you want to have a chat.

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