Introduction to

Gentle Release Therapy

Online Course

Gentle Release Therapy is a great tool you can use anywhere at anytime. It can help you to feel better, have more energy, release stress and anxiety, and deepen connections and understanding with what's going on in your own body and mind.


You can also use it to help your family members if you wish, support your children, your partner, your parents and your siblings.

If you would you like to learn more about working with Energy and you would like to know how Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gentle Release Therapy may help support your health problems, the online course is a great place to start! 

What the course includes:

  • Video Presentations on Working with Energy

  • Video Presentations on Release Techniques

  • Guided meditations to support your self practice ranging from 10 mins to 53 minutes (to fit in with your day)

  • Access to our closed Facebook community

This course is also known as the Self Care for You & Your Family Course.

Support your little superheroes

Gentle Release Therapy offers some really simple, gentle and natural tools that can support a variety of common childhood issues such a constipation, bladder control, stress, anger, frustration and anxiety. Read more...

Self paced to fit your lifestyle

The course is self paced to fit in with your life so you can choose where and when you do it. Arranged in 10 manageable daily sections, expect to spend 15 minutes to an hour on each element, when you have more time you have the option to spend longer. If you have more time some days cover more elements on those days...the choice is yours! Or treat yourself to a self care day and see how much you can cover!

Introduction to Gentle Release Therapy


Introduction to Gentle Release Therapy

Invest in yourself and your family at a fabulous price of only £75. 

It will give you skills and techniques that will last a lifetime. 

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'Oh my goodness!!! What an amazing course!!! The theory is easy to follow and the meditations are out of this world! I really didn't believe it would be that effective working on myself, but I finished each meditation feeling quite serene and floaty... so relaxed and calm. My body and head felt so much lighter afterwards, as tensions had melted away. Such a gift, I can now give to my family as well as myself. Would so very highly recommend this course and can't thank you enough Helen.'

'I really enjoyed doing the course. I learned so much and I found it very powerful. I use it often on my kids. I find that it starts to work very quickly to release whatever is there. I would really recommend this course to anyone.'

'The self-care element of the course has been invaluable to me. I regularly use the techniques as part of my relaxation practice and find it to be an easy and effective way of focusing the mind.' 

'I met Helen in 2019 at a national conference. I was really taken by her inner peacefulness. When I asked what line of work she was in, I immediately thought, “I want to go on one of her courses!”. We exchanged emails and I eagerly enrolled on her online Gentle Therapy Course. I loved the way her website looked and it is easy to use, watching Helen's videos were brilliant, I could stop rewind and recap as I went along. The guided meditations are beautiful and soothing. As a self-employed Pilates teacher running a small business, my background was as a holistic therapist working out of osteopaths and massage had been my main line of work for years.
Already intrigued by my limited knowledge of ‘energy work’ I was a believer! I have improved my energy balancing skills and feel more informed through Helen's teaching. Gentle Release Therapy compliments my existing skills and my clients are enjoying this new style incorporating into my treatments in Pilates and massage. I have since enrolled on Helen's Body Beautiful online course, which I’m very much enjoying and I am hoping to do the Practitioners course in the future. I would recommend Helen's' courses to Qualified Therapists as well as individuals wanting improve their own health and those of their nearest and dearest.'

'I highly recommend the self-care gentle release therapy online course. Whilst I am a fully trained Gentle Release Therapy Practitioner this is actually really helpful to use with your family at home. Really interesting and easy to follow techniques. Incredible meditation and relaxing.'

'It works!!!! simple as that. Helen is amazing and her workshop is just as good. I recommend her. She's really good at putting you at ease and the results after are just outstanding!! Now I can start to do it myself on myself after the workshop experience!!! fantastic!! Thanks Helen xx'

'Amazing course. I have found this course so good it was definitely money well spent. A fantastic intro to see if the full course might be for you (I've started saving up already lol!) but as a stand alone course you couldn't spend better money on yourself and your family.
I didn't think it would be that effective working on myself but it has been brilliant feeling everything shift. I also came out of each meditation like a complete spaced out zombie... so relaxed and calm and my body felt "free". Thanks so much Helen for your brilliant work and natural delivery x'