Releasing Body and Mind

The emotional and the physical are intrinsically linked, held together in the body, patterns of emotional and physical trauma locked away. Which is fine, until you are holding onto too much and its starts to affect the flow of energy (qi) around the body. Energy can’t get through as easily, having to squeeze past or push through and your body is working harder and harder. You start feeling tired, physical symptoms are appearing, you may find it hard to motivate yourself, you have 101 things to do but every one is a struggle.

Gentle Release Therapy locates these areas that are blocked and using gentle techniques allows the body to release and the energy to flow freely once more and by doing this helps to resolve many physical and emotional problems.
For example a key organ in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the Liver. Associated with ligaments and tendons, which can surface as physical aches and pains, imbalances and tightness. The Liver is impacted by anger and frustration so people struggling deeply with these issues are likely to feel very tight and tense. The Liver is responsible for the flow of qi around the body so blocks here may contribute to pain and fatigue. The time associated with the Liver is 1am - 3am so insomnia at this time is a sign the Liver is struggling. Liver issues may surface as fatigue, eye problems, aches and pains, dizziness, headaches, migraines and hot flushes to name a few. Sometimes things are more complex and other areas or organs are also involved.

In Gentle Release Therapy we would work with the Liver and listen to the body to see if and how it needs to release, whether that release needs to be linked to another organ, for example the kidneys which hold fear or with a cranial release that allows the liver energy to flow. We then use the same process to check with other organs and areas of the body. We can locate emotional traumas held in the body and allow those to be released in an extremely gentle way, even those that you think are long forgotten, and if you would rather not you don’t even need to share them with your therapist.

The synergy of these techniques has brought dramatic changes to my clients responding to the body and mind rather than set protocols means the client gets exactly what they need from each session. I will often use Gentle Release Therapy in place of or alongside Acupuncture or Reflexology as I feel it is the best way to help my clients.

When we stop and listen, the body has so much to say!

If you want to learn more about Gentle Release Therapy you could sign up for our online course or if you would rather have a look for a therapist in your area. There is also the Practitioner Training and Retreats, where you not only get to learn a new therapy, you get some amazing releases for yourself in the process.




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