Releasing Body and Mind

The emotional and the physical are intrinsically linked, held together in the body, patterns of emotional and physical trauma locked away. Which is fine, until you are holding onto too much and its starts to affect the flow of energy (qi) around the body. Energy can’t get through as easily, having to squeeze past or push through and your body is working harder and harder. You start feeling tired, physical symptoms are appearing, you may find it hard to motivate yourself, you have 101 things to do but every one is a struggle.

Gentle Release Therapy locates these areas that are blocked and using gentle techniques allows the body to release and the energy to flow freely once more and by doing this helps to resolve many physical and emotional problems.
For example a key organ in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the Liver. Associated with ligaments and tendons, which can surface as physical aches and pains, imbalances and tightness. The Liver is impacted by anger and...
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