Supporting our little superheroes using Gentle Release Therapy

Gentle Release Therapy offers some really simple, gentle and natural tools that can support a variety of common childhood issues such as constipation, bladder control, stress, anger, frustration and anxiety.

Combining fundamental beliefs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (which acupuncture is based on) we also use gentle touch as a form of Energy work to allow the body to release tension. You may be familiar with Reiki which is another form of Energy work. 

Children tend to respond brilliantly to Gentle Release Therapy and it can be used from birth to adulthood and beyond, and you can also use it anywhere at anytime. I used it when my daughter was just 2 days old on the Neonatal ward, the next day she had recovered enough to be moved to my room, before we were discharged.

They can be in any position, whether you decide to hold a baby in your arms or for toddlers and above you can even have them lie on your knee while they watch TV. It's also a firm favourite...

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